Top 10 Workplace Etiquette’s to follow

Workplace Etiquette

You have put in a lot of hard work, be it, for an entrance test or the interview process; and that is why you are there! In your dream job!

Mustering all the courage you excelled in the interviews scheduled for you to clear and grab the opportunity. For your first day of office, it wouldn’t have been easy for you to decide on what to wear, how to look, whether to get your food packed (if you are staying with your family, while on the other hand, for people from other places, the taste of cafeteria food is also a big question in mind), how to commute and of course how to impress your boss.

You are now at the entrance of your office. You made it! From building a good resume to clearing the interview process and accepting the offer, you have reached a long way. Now, the most important part as an employee begins; not only completing the assigned tasks successfully but also following the so-called ‘workplace etiquettes.’

You might have heard it said, the first impression is the best impression. In order to avoid making mistakes and creating a great impression at your workplace, here is a complete list of tips for you.

Workplace Etiquette Tips

  1. Always wear a smile on your face and greet everyone. Remember, a good smile changes a bad mood. Try to appear pleasant and friendly. This will help you develop a good rapport with your team members and other staff too.
  2. Dress properly. Follow the dress code, if any. Even if there is no predefined dress code, dress formally. It creates a positive impression. Do not walk around in a revealing attire (I think I shouldn’t gender bias here; these days there are lots of trendy clothes available for both men and women that are revealing). Do not wear shirts with slogans, especially those which are provocative.
  3. When you are being introduced to someone, Stand up – Move forward and shake hands with the person. This will for sure create a positive impression.
  4. Respect your colleagues. You get what you give. Give respect and take respect.
  5. Do not interrupt your colleagues while they are speaking. It shows that you lack social skills. Be an active listener.
  6. Make eye-contact during your interaction with others. Don’t run your eyes tip-toe of the opposite person. It is rude and unpleasant.
  7. If the elevator is full and someone has to step out; Give way. Walk out of the elevator, let the person exit and then you re-enter. Also, if the elevator is full and some senior person (by age or designation) has to get in, let that person go first. You either wait for taking the next elevator or take the stairs (exercise is anyway good for health!).
  8. When you are entering the floor, check if there is anyone around. Your colleague, senior management or any other employee of the company might be walking right behind you; hold the door for them. It is rude to close the door when someone is trying to walk through the door at the same time. And if your fellow co-workers doing the same for you, i.e., holding the door for you, say ‘Thank you!’
  9. Be on time. If you are running late (because you cannot always be on time due to traffic issues, health issues, personal problems or even if you have reached the office on time, but stuck in an office elevator; anything can be the reason); make sure you keep your superiors informed. This should not be a regular case again.
  10. Keep your workplace tidy. Before you leave the office, clean your desk. Move the used coffee cups to the pantry, keep all the worksheets in your drawer and throw the chocolate wrappers or other food wrappers in the dust bin. Remember, messy workstation reflects what you are. The tidier it is, the more organized you are considered to be!

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