Trip to Hawaii: Why is this adventure worth it?

Surely, you’ve thought about taking a trip to Hawaii to get out of the rut, see new places and people and, of course, enjoy a vacation with your feet in the sand and a necklace of flowers around your neck, haven’t you? Know that you are not unique!

Many people share this desire and even organize with the gang to all board together, but they end up giving up or postponing the plans because of the costs involved – especially the tickets, the US visa and lodging.

Precisely for this reason, today’s post has the important mission of showing that you should not be stuck with values ​​and leave behind the opportunity to visit one of the most amazing places on the planet — even more so because you can always find promotions that help you save money.

So, keep reading until the end and see what awaits you in this archipelago full of natural beauty!

Always pleasant weather

Do you know when you need to research your destination in order not to travel in a period that you can’t take advantage of, whether due to rain or snow, which often forces you to stay indoors to protect yourself? Well, that doesn’t exist in Hawaii.

Despite being well above the equator and always in a season opposite to ours (if it’s spring here, there it’s autumn and vice versa), the local climate is subtropical and very close to what we have on our northeastern coast.

In other words, regardless of the period in which you can travel, you will be able to enjoy that combination of sun, beach and sea without fear. The only thing that really changes is the humidity since in summer the weather is drier and in winter it is the opposite.

Amazing natural settings

With one of the best climates in the world, it was to be expected that there would not be a lack of unique natural scenery on the islands that make up the archipelago, right? It is for this reason that we have already warned: get ready, as these are breathtaking landscapes!

That’s because Hawaii has nothing more, nothing less than a park of active volcanoes (Kilauea and Mauna Loa), which is even considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Besides it, there are other parks, such as Nā Pali and Haleakalā, which have mountains, cliffs, rivers, waterfalls, among other natural attractions, which are ideal for those seeking greater contact with nature.

So much so that there are trails for those who want to explore the region and several adventure sports spots for adrenaline lovers (snorkel diving, canoeing overflight with a single-engine plane, rappelling, cycling, etc.).

But it doesn’t end there, because the beaches are a spectacle on their own. Proof of this are the New Kaimu, Kaihalulu Bay and Papakolea which, unlike Polihale — which has the classic yellowish sand — have different tones due to the action of the volcanoes in the area (black, red and green, respectively).

Culture of “Aloha”

Another reason that makes a trip to Hawaii so unforgettable is the people’s culture that mixes secular traditions, indigenous language (Hawaiian), contagious musical and dance rhythms (hula, Jawaiian, ukulele, etc.) and respect for nature and the that she offers us.

No wonder that the place attracts not only tourists but also many immigrants who fall in love with the lifestyle that people lead on the islands. In fact, “aloha” itself, which is a word so well known and popularized in films and series that portray the region, represents this mixture and receptivity with outsiders.

The reason for this is that it is not just used to greet others. In fact, saying “aloha” to someone means wishing them well, exchanging positive energies and showing that they are, in fact, welcome in your space.

Mouthwatering Cuisine

One of the best parts of getting to know other places is, without a doubt, tasting the local cuisine. Apart from the different flavors and ingredients, our palates are not used to, the typical dishes are served full of history — allowing us to learn more about the culture and customs of the natives.

And as is to be expected, on a trip to Hawaii there will be no shortage of options for a diverse menu every day. The loco moco (rice with egg white and fried hamburger meat) and poke (white rice with raw fish marinated, pepper, soy sauce and seaweed) are some examples that will leave you with your mouth water!

Surf paradise

Finally, there is no way to leave out surfing. That’s because Hawaii is a paradise for those who love this sport and it’s no wonder. Surrounded by the ocean, without reef walls and with giant waves, it is usually the perfect setting for various events and competitions throughout the year.

Some examples are the Billabong Pipeline Masters and the Hawaiian Pro that bring together dozens of athletes to compete for prizes and titles. Also, no matter which island or beach you go to: you can always see groups of people with their boards heading towards the sea.

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