Healthy eating: Tips for you to be able to maintain

healthy eatin

During our day we have different responsibilities, and often we don’t have time for ourselves even to acquire healthy food. But it is necessary to be careful, as it is very important that we take care of our health, and we do not need to radicalize for that. Read on and check out 9 tips for healthy eating!

1. Eat slowly

Eating too fast makes us feel heavy, sleepy, and makes us eat more than necessary too. To avoid this, turn off appliances during meals, as these can trigger anxiety and make you eat quickly. And whenever possible, have lunch in the company of someone, so they can talk and enjoy the food, making your meal more enjoyable.

2. Aim to drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily

We need water because our blood is made up of 90% of it, and our body can vary between 50% and 75%, so every time we lose fluid (sweat, etc.), we need to replace it. Furthermore, water cleans our entire organism, hydrates our skin, and it is through this those vitamins and minerals reach the cells of our entire body.

3. Lower sugar levels

Refined sugar is a compound that comes from sugar cane, however, all the good part of it has been removed, leaving only the calories. Reducing means not taking in a number of calories that are unnecessary for our body. Also try to replace the refined version with brown, for example, which has not gone through the refinement process, and still maintains nutritional values.

4. Give preference to whole foods

The same happens with white flour, that is, after a refining process, all its nutritional value was removed, leaving only the carbohydrate.

Prefer the wholegrain options of pasta, rice, bread, etc., which still preserve the natural nutrients. And be careful not to be deceived, as the only type of flour on the product’s ingredient list should be “Whole Wheat Flour”. If you have another type of wheat flour, the product is not 100% whole.

5. Include organic foods in your diet

These are preferred because they are produced without the use of pesticides and preservatives, which are harmful substances for our bodies. If you can’t find them in these versions, always when choosing fruits, vegetables and vegetables, think about how you would find them if you were picking them straight from the foot. If you are offered a tomato that is very red, very round, with smooth and shiny skin, be smart!

6. Bet on healthy snacks

When we leave the house, the temptations start to appear, as it is much easier to find a snack manufactured than something healthy. Therefore, prepare healthy snacks that you can take with you, for example, a mix of nuts, which are easily transported in bags, or a whole meal sandwich, fruit, among others, avoiding eating junk food around.

7. Eat the salad first

At lunch and dinner always start your meals with a salad, especially the cold green leafy salads, as they are rich in nutrients and vitamins, and are excellent sources of fiber that will give you satiety, so when you get to the main dish, it will prevent you from eating in addition to the account. And when choosing a salad, the more colorful it is, the better!

8. Consume fruit every day

Fruits are excellent foods, as they are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and always act in a beneficial way in our body. Consume at least 3 servings per day, and whenever possible, varying the fruit.

9. Eat 4 to 6 meals a day

This way, you avoid having hunger peaks during the day, which would make you want to eat more than necessary for the next meal. By doing this, your body will always be well-nourished, and you will only eat what you need. Remember, the more meals you eat a day, the smaller each serving will be.

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