Colors, plaid prints and more: Check out 4 trends for winter looks

winter clothing

The temperature drops little by little, the sun diminishes in intensity, but one thing that doesn’t change is our desire to dress well, maintain self-esteem and feel comfortable, isn’t it? Even more in the oncoming chill. And in these comings and goings of fashion, we now present to you four of the main trends for winter looks.

Take the opportunity to be inspired by our tips!

Comfort above all

Comfort is the keyword for your winter look. And, for that, the more oversized pieces and sets promise to be the focus of attention, as they leave us cosy and with a warm body. In addition, style is not lacking in these larger pieces, a trend for some time now.

And here goes for pants, sweatshirt blouses to stay at home, coats and jackets. As long as you feel good, is it or not? And if the idea is to get really warm, remember that clothes made from natural fabrics tend to be more suitable in winters, such as cotton velvet, wool, flannel and even silk.

How about a brightly colored winter?

There is always a color that is trending every season. But this time, in the winter looks you can bet on the mix of several of them: shades of brown, grey, orange and green – which give more life and light to cold days

If your style is that more classic and basic, black and white will always have their space saved in the closet for you to use at any time and occasion.

Plaid prints back in the spotlight

They are back once again. Chess is almost a hallmark of style, timeless, but especially in autumn and winter, it shows up with force. This year, bet on different tones, such as gray, black and white, or earth tones of brown or red and green, for a chicer look.

The main tip of the season is to have a modern and cool look, which can be casual or formal, depending on the combination. Blouses with checkered plaid in neutral colors and more “sober” pants can be a good tip for a work look! Or, why not, a full checkered look? For those who want to give a makeover in style and look, it’s also worth it!

Warm jackets, sweatshirts and other accessories

Another tip is to bet on the overlapping of warmer and more practical pieces for two reasons:

  1. To heat
  2. To give even more style

Chic coats in shades of green or earthy can be good choices for a couple outings or for professional and formal occasions. The closed sweatshirt or jackets, in turn, are great options for casual events and for everyday life, whether for staying at home or working.

Speaking of accessories, there’s nothing better than a nice, comfortable and warm scarf. It is perfect to complete your winter look. In different forms of prints and colors, it can provide a great counterpoint to the clothes you’ve chosen.

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