Travel Checklist: 5 Items you cannot forget to pack in your luggage !

travel Checklist

Most people have a hard time packing their suitcases. There are several problems: fear of forgetting something, risk of exceeding the luggage weight, among others. That’s why it’s always good to have a travel checklist on hand.

Adopting this practice can ensure that nothing important is forgotten and you still save time. The ideal is to assemble the list in advance, defining whether the trip will be national or international, knowing which weather station it will be in, in addition to researching general information about the destination.

To save you time, we have listed 5 must-have items on your travel checklist. Check out.

1. Documents: the first item on the travel checklist

It is necessary to have all the documents in line. They are mandatory items on any trip, whether national or international.

For domestic destinations, it is necessary to:

  • National identity card or any identification document with a photograph, valid in the national territory;
  • National Health Card or health plan card;
  • Vaccination Card It is important to take the document in cases of unforeseen events, especially when travelling in the North and Northeast regions of the country, as there are records of some tropical diseases in these areas.

If the trip is international, it is necessary to present documents required by the legislation of the foreign country. The documents are:

  • Valid passport;
  • Visa, if necessary;
  • Civil identity card or equivalent foreign document, only in cases provided for in treaties, agreements and other international acts;
  • International Certificate of Vaccination, some countries require the presentation of the document, which proves internationally the vaccination against diseases that were defined by the International Health Regulation, the most common being Yellow Fever.

For children, the original birth certificate is also required, if they do not yet have an identity.

2. Adapter and charger

Visiting another country, you see a beautiful landscape, when you pick up your cell phone or camera to record that moment, the device is discharged, now what? What to do?

So as not to waste time or time, the ideal thing is to add the universal adapter and chargers for all electronic devices to the checklist that will be used.

3. Clothing, footwear and accessories

For the trip to be perfect, it is important to bring clothes and accessories that are in accordance with the destination’s weather and season.

An important tip is to check the activities that will be carried out in the trip’s itinerary, and then choose the clothes according to the planned actions.

For example, if the trip is to the mountains and places with very low temperatures, coats, warm clothes and warm clothing will be essential. In the case of beaches and places with hot weather, bathing suits and lighter clothes are recommended.

Without forgetting the obligatory accessories for the summer, a hat and sunglasses, and for the winter the use of a hat and scarf are also indispensable.

As for the shoes, the best ones for walking are used, which are softened and are more comfortable for long walks. For trails, the ideal is to wear sneakers or boots, also softened.

An essential shoe is the rubber slipper, which is useful for going to the beach, as well as for taking showers and walking on very hot days.

4. Hygiene products

The hygiene items are essential and can not miss in the suitcase. An important tip is to use a separate luggage compartment to place hygiene items.

Here are the most important products for the hygiene and health of the traveller:

Toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, shampoo, conditioner, body moisturizer, deodorant, razors, shaving cream, absorbent, among others.

And let’s not forget the sunscreen, regardless of the season, the product is mandatory and must be taken in sufficient quantity for the trip.

Now if the trip is to places where there are a lot of mosquitoes, repellent is another necessary item. In addition, other actions can be taken, such as taking long-sleeved clothes in your luggage, hammocks to put on the bed and even insecticides.

However, there are restrictions for the transport of liquids in hand luggage on international flights: such as toothpaste and creams, which must be carried in bottles of up to 100 ml and placed in a transparent, sealed plastic container, with a maximum capacity of 1 liter.

5. Medicines

We should also be concerned about taking daily and emergency medications, this can make a difference in case of unforeseen events during the trip, as there are places where access to pharmacies or health services is very difficult.

First, consult a doctor prior to travel to decide what medications and dosage are needed to assemble your med-pack.

There are also bandages, ointments, antiseptics and other products that should be considered when packing.

In the case of travelers who have chronic diseases, they must take the medicines they use daily in sufficient quantity and with the appropriate expiration date.

It is important to have a doctor’s statement to be presented on arrival in other countries, as well as a medical prescription.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance for international destinations is also an essential item, as it can ensure the traveler if something unforeseen happens during the trip. The insurance usually covers cases of lost luggage, medical hospitalization, dental problems or any other emergency in another country.

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