Healthy Eating Tips for Kids You May Not Have Known + what to avoid.

Healthy eating

The feeding of children is very important for the proper development of your health, both physically and intellectually. And this should be prioritized from the beginning, from the moment she starts to eat more solid foods. Here we will give some tips on healthy eating for children, which will also serve adults.

It is necessary to remember that children were not born with the taste buds already formed. Over the years, they choose and choose their favorite foods. And for children to be able to identify what they like or dislike, it is necessary that they be offered different foods and that they are healthy.

Children need a balanced diet, with foods from all groups, such as:

  • wholegrain products;
  • protein foods;
  • fruits;
  • vegetables, preferably fresh and unprocessed.

And it is at home that this process begins

Every child has as their first reference people who live with them. Be it parents, brothers, uncles, grandparents…

So we must set an example. If there is already a healthy eating routine at home, the tendency is for the child to get used to food naturally. Children follow what adults do. Keeping a positive approach to food will trigger a positive reaction in children as well.

Problems usually appear when they start to notice that adults consume other types of (unhealthy) foods that are not offered to them. And, of course, they will want to try it! Therefore, it is not correct to ask a child to eat vegetables if you are eating French fries!

Good nutrition follows the same principles, whether for children or for adults. Everyone needs the same nutrients, be they vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

What differs are the amounts of nutrients, according to advancing age.

A healthy diet guarantees sufficient nutrients in quantity and quality, good health and growth for our children.

Let’s talk a little about nutrients

For those who have a deeper understanding of each of the healthy eating tips for children, we have a guide on the main nutrients needed to maintain the proper functioning of our bodies:

  • Proteins: prefer lean meats, poultry, eggs, beans, soy products and nuts
  • Vegetables and Vegetables: always try to offer fresh and colorful vegetables
  • Grains: always opt for whole grains such as wholegrain bread, oats, popcorn, quinoa or brown rice
  • Fruits: always prefer fresh and whole (or minimally processed). In the case of juices, prefer the ones without sugar.
  • Dairy products: prefer non-fat or low-fat such as milk, yoghurt, cheese or fortified soy drinks.

What should be avoided?

Foods that contain: should be limited for children.

  • saturated fat;
  • salt;
  • refined sugars;
  • honey;
  • molasses;
  • syrups;
  • Brown sugar.

Sugars can induce children to like sweet foods, making it difficult for them to consume fruits and vegetables.

Remember: The sooner you start offering your children healthy and nutritious food, the sooner they can develop a healthy relationship with food, and this can last a lifetime. So, let’s get to the healthy eating tips for kids!

08 Healthy Eating Tips for Kids [Simple Habits]

1. Eat family meals

In addition to introducing children to new foods, parents can serve as role models for healthy eating through family meals. Children will be more likely to consume fruits, vegetables, and grains if this is implemented.

Besides being an ideal opportunity to talk with your children without the distraction of TV, phone or computer.

2. Refrigerator and pantry with healthy food

Kids’ most successful healthy eating tip! To avoid unhealthy snacks such as soda, chips, and cookies, keep a lot of fruits, vegetables, and healthy drinks on hand (water, milk, pure fruit juice).

3. Cook more meals at home

Try to eat at home as meals eaten away from home have more added sugar, salt and unhealthy fat.

Involve children in this process. Prepare a balanced meal and discuss making choices with them.

Even in preparation, give them tasks they can perform without the risk of getting hurt. And always praise!

4. Water will always be the most effective solution

Children tend to have an aversion to drinking water, so it should be very encouraging. Sugary drinks such as soda and fruit-flavored drinks should be limited.

5. Avoid skipping meals

When skipping some meals, the child may feel hungry between them. This will make you look for foods that are not always healthy (high calorie and no nutrients). Insist but don’t oblige.

A good strategy is to give children some control, but also limit the type of food available in the home.

If the child really does not want to make the meal, do not negotiate or substitute another food that he/she wants. This is another one of the great healthy eating tips for children. The child will eat better at the next meal.

6. Amount of food eaten

Don’t force the child to eat more than he wants or needs. If she ate little at this meal, she’ll probably eat a little better next time.

Forcing to eat all the food on the plate will make the child nullify the feeling of satisfaction. And this will lead to one of the great problems of today, childhood obesity.

7. Enjoy the meal.

This is one of the most important healthy eating tips for children.

Be patient. Of course, we do not want our children to take two hours to eat, however, eating slowly and chewing food correctly is very important.

Satiety information takes about 20 minutes to reach the brain. So, no rush. Unless you want your child to overeat!

8. Make the dish a watercolor

Choose healthy foods of different colors and produce delicious, fun and colorful dishes with them.

This will make the child enjoy trying new foods and stay nourished. And serve healthy dessert options like a cup of fruit or yoghurt.

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