Awesome Hacks To Be a Smart Employee at Work


How to Deal With Co-workers

  1. Be polite. Always use the courteous words ‘Please, Thank you, and You are welcome.’
  2. If you clearly wrong in doing something, apologize immediately. Even if you are not sure about what went wrong, apologize to pacify the situation.
  3. Do not treat others how you do not want yourself to be treated. Using bad language at the office is a big no. Verbal abuse is not entertained at the office premises. It is not only rude but against the behavioral policies of the Company. And physical abuse? Well, you will be standing right there where you were standing on day 1 memorizing all these tips, before entering the office premises; meaning which ‘You are Fired!!
  4. Don’t be over friendly or biased with few. Treat everyone fairly.
  5. Do not use co-worker’s belongings without their permission, however close they are.
  6. Avoid Gossips. Gossiping damages your image.
  7. Do not involve yourself in office politics.
  8. Do not form an opinion on any co-worker quickly.
  9. Try to stay away from people who are influencing, of course negatively, at work. If they have shared an opinion on any co-worker with you, you don’t need to own that opinion. The probability is that they would have had an issue and this person is sharing his/her point of view which need not be right. Do not conclude about any person unless you experience it personally.
  10. Do not share your personal problems with your colleagues right on day one. It’s unprofessional. Well, even if days passed and you are now good friends with some of the colleagues, do not reveal your personal life to them. Try not to mix your personal and professional life; keep personal things personal.

How to Effectively Work With the Team

  1. When on the floor, keep your phone in silent mode. Turn off your alert tones. Ring tones or alert tones might distract your colleagues.
  2. Share the credit if you have worked on a successful and well-appreciated project with co-workers.
  3. Be a team player. If you are done with your part of work and have time, extend help to colleagues struggling to finish the task and meet the deadline.
  4. Be attentive during the meetings. Keep your phone away.
  5. While interacting with a team member, maintain your volume to the minimum.
  6. Ensure to carry a pen and a note with you. You can’t remember all the points discussed in the meeting and it is unprofessional to ask others what you have missed.
  7. Make it a point that you always reply or reply all to the emails you keep receiving. Acknowledging is very important. Again, reply all is not right for all sorts of emails.
  8. Never assume. Whatever it is, communicate!
  9. Knock before entering someone’s cabin. Do not enter the cabin unannounced.
  10. Avoid discussions on politics, religion and controversial topics; and no sexist comments, please.

Answering a call at work ?

  1. Do not answer the call amidst your interaction or conversation with your boss or colleagues. If you think the call is important, ask permission, walk out of the cabin and answer the call. If possible, say you would be calling back shortly after the meeting (you are the best judge, about how important the call is).
  2. If you have to take the call, walk into an empty cabin, close the door and take the call. Make sure you keep your volume low, even if you are in the closed room. Just in case you don’t find a cabin with a door, or if you have to answer the call in an open area, keep your volume low and keep the call short. It is recommended you keep a pair of earphones to take the calls.

P.S. Do not use any conference room or meeting rooms to attend your personal calls.

During Lunch

  1. Avoid eating meals and snacks at the desk, especially the food that is smelly. Go down to the cafeteria.
  2. During lunch, do not splatter the food or slurp.
  3. When eating lunch together, it is obvious to share food. Keep in mind, if you are taking the last share of food, offer them help to clean the bowl.

If you are sick, avoid sharing food. Just in case you cannot avoid sharing, it is recommended not to use the same spoon.

Other Useful Tips

  1. On the joining day, be well prepared with your introduction.
  2. Try to memorize the names of all the employees.
  3. As you enter the floor, say good morning and if possible, shake hands with your colleagues. The same applies while you are leaving; say bye to everyone before you exit the floor (I will leave shaking hands to your comfort now).
  4. If you are sick and it is contagious, take a day off. Chances are that you may spread it to other co-workers.
  5. If you have a cough or cold, use a handkerchief and cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing.
  6. People are easily put off with a smelly environment. So, shower regularly (using deodorant doesn’t help always). Wear ironed clothes. Polish your shoes and wash your socks regularly.
  7. Choose a subtle fragrance. By using strong perfume, you are forcing your co-workers to smell it all through the day.
  8. During office parties, try to be sober. Though it is a party, remember you are under your boss’s surveillance. Do not behave in such a way that it becomes a hot topic of gossip for your team members. In fact, use office parties to expand your reach. Try to establish a good relationship with your boss and other senior management.
  9. Never leave the office before your work hours.
  10. Practicing these good manners helps you maintain a pleasant environment in your workplace, and helps you build a respectable relationship with your colleagues.

So now, are you ready to use these tips at work ?

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