Gifting Ideas for Men


For every special occasion, planning a gift for husband/boyfriend/father/brother – basically, the male gender definitely needs an extra effort. It is not as easy as it is for them to gift their opposite gender – the pretty ladies.  From roses, teddies, and chocolates to accessories, dresses, and footwear, and a complementary tiara too, for us to feel like a queen; whatnot that can make a woman happy and ease the man’s work.

Yes, it is boring to give the same gifts every year; shirt, watch, and wallet on repeat mode to men.  Of course the color and brand might not be the same, yet the gifts are the same. Probably they would act surprised but they wouldn’t really feel surprised!!

So here is the compiled list of ideas for you, from common to unique, to gift the man in your life. Just pick what you haven’t done before! Point to remember, anything you give, make sure its Branded – because men are brand freaks, bear in mind to buy goods from good brands!

List with the most common gift

  • Shirt
  • Blazer
  • Sunglasses
  • A pair of good shoes
  • Watch; Remember brand matters!
  • Cuff-links
  • Perfume
  • Tie
  • Stylish laptop bag
  • Latest gadgets – mobiles, wireless headphones, laptops (if the price isn’t a concern)
  • Leather jacket
  • Digital Camera (If he loves to click pictures, even if he doesn’t, you might help him find a new hobby)
  • Travel bag
  • Wall chess
  • Bracelet/wrist bands
  • Easy to carry chargers
  • Guitar
  • Electric Razor
  • Fitness bands
  • Cookware (Don’t use this gift to indicate someone to start cooking for you, unless the person loves to cook 😉 )
  • Art prints – from the places he has been to or he has clicked
  • Play station (Keep a track of updates, they would love to get the latest version)
  • Smart mugs
  • Cardholder
  • A cap (you can customize as per his favorites)
  • A scarf (do observe the person’s styling)

Apart from these materialistic things, you can surprise him by booking tickets to his favorite destinations/events/movies/his area of interests, prepare personalized cards with his favorite and memorable pictures, and make a video of fun moments.

And how long had it been you’ve written a letter? Why not try now? A colorful letter because ‘old is gold’ and it can be preserved unlike text messages in mobile which get deleted at some point.

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