How To Dress Like Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

When we think of fashion icons, we aren’t necessarily thinking of Sofia Vergara. Yet, everytime you see her in magazines, or on television, she is always dressed to conquer the day and any situation that comes at her. Let’s break this down.

The Everyday Look

The everyday look for Sofia Vergara can be fairly easy for even the most unsavvy fashion lover to replicate. From out running errands, to a simple lunch with friends, she can be spotted in ripped skinny jeans, and a flowy blouse top. Depending on the weather, the flowy blouse top is sometimes changed up to a slimming tank top instead. For footwear, you can’t get any more Sofia than a sexy high heel. The high heel instantly dresses up the entire outfit with minimal effort. These three versatile wardrobe pieces are a staple in the Sofia Vergara look, and with endless color combinations, you will never get tired of stepping out and looking as chic as Sofia.

Let’s Get Dressy

If the everyday look is not dressy enough for you, and you need something a little more sexy, but not too formal, why not try Sofia’s dress style. Sofia is often seen out and about in long, loudly printed wrap dresses that flow about in the breeze. These dresses are expertly chosen for comfort, and style. Don’t forget to show off that plunging neckline in true Sofia Vergara fashion!

Accessorize Yourself

When it comes to finishing touches on an outfit Sofia Vergara style, the accessories are what ties it all together. Sofia can often be seen out in public sporting stylish sunglasses, simple earrings, and an oversized handbag. Sunglasses are the perfect way to add just a touch of mystery to your look, and can be worn with any outfit without bringing down the look at all. When it comes to the oversized handbag, well that is just smart. Not only can the right bag complete your look for the day, they are tremendously handy at carrying anything a fashion diva might need. Simple earrings whether they are studded or dangly, are a practical and sexy choice. Don’t overdo the earrings, Sofia Vergara style is not about impracticality.

Hair and Makeup

Sofia Vergara’s look doesn’t stop at clothing and accessories. Her makeup and hair are always on point too. Her signature, beautiful, long hair is usually left free flowing in the wind. Rarely is Sofia seen out in public with it pulled into a pony. To pull off the Sofia Vergara look, you will want to invest in some great hair care products.

Sofia Vergara, when it comes to her makeup look, usually chooses to keep it simple. Her makeup style is simple and sexy. To keep it as Sofia as possible, don’t pile the makeup on, instead opt for more natural tones, and use lightly.

Now Put it All Together!

 Now that you know the secret to Sofia Vergara’s style, it’s time to take it for a test run. Remember the key to sexiness is confidence. When you step out Sofia Vergara style, you will want to make sure that you are taking on the same air of confidence as Sofia Vergara.

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