6 Beauty Secrets of Megan Fox!

Megan Fox

For most, when thinking about iconic and beautiful actresses Megan Fox comes into mind. So it’s no surprise people are dying to know her style and beauty secrets. While Fox tends to be a bit private about her life, we have managed to find a few of her best beauty tips.

So if you want to learn more about Fox’s beauty routine, keep reading.

6. ‘Less is More’

While makeup is fun to play around with, the actress actually prefers a more natural look. She told PopSugar, “The pictures of me as a kid. That’s me. That’s how I prefer to look. More natural.” Fox recommends keeping your makeup clean and simple as much as possible.

5. Weekly Oxygen Facial

To improve her skin complexion, Fox undergoes weekly Oxygen facials. An Oxygen Facial improves blood circulation to the face. The oxygen also helps calm acne, kill bacteria and is infused with nutrients and antioxidants. If you want to have skin similar to the icon, we recommend you looking into getting an Oxygen facial.

4. Wear Red Lipstick Often

Red lipstick has a long legacy, in fact some of the most iconic women in history wore the color consistently. Megan Fox is another name on that impressive list. Due to Fox’s pale complexion and dark hair, she finds that the red hue tends to look better on her than any other color. In that same interview with PopSugar the actress said,“It just works on my skin tone and it’s more flattering. I prefer a red lip to a nude lip.” We think this iconic shade looks incredible on Fox!

3. Taking Care of Her Eyes

Megan Fox is known for her striking cat eyes, so it’s no surprise she takes such good care of her eyes. Apparently, she uses Perricone MD’s Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum. The Jennifer’s Body actress applies it three to four times a day, usually after she washes her face. The serum is currently being sold for as low as $60 in stores like Sephora.

2. Avoiding Sunscreen

While most skincare professionals will tell you to apply lots and lots of sunscreen, Fox tends to disagree with this rule. Fox has a rare condition where the chemicals used in sunscreen aggravate her sensitive skin. The irritation that is caused is why the actress avoids using sunscreen. When she does use sunscreen, she uses the Mindi Walters Vitamin C Complex, as the product doesn’t irritate her skin.

1. A Focus on Beauty Sleep

Who doesn’t love sleeping in? Unfortunately, for most, finding 8-10 hours in a busy day to sleep can be a bit difficult. However, Fox recommends trying to get some shut-eye when you can. Waking up refreshed for the day is one of her best beauty secrets.

In Summary

We will definitely be adding these tips to our beauty routine, and we hope you will too! However, while makeup and skincare can be lovely, Megan Fox said it best when she said, “My definition of beauty is simplicity, elegance, and sensuality.”

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