What’s All the Gossip, Girl? Reboot 2021

Gossip Girl

Warning! Spoiler Alert! New Episode Content / Discussion!

Gossip Girl garnered many fans during its reign in the 2000s. It was a hit with many, and the style of the show left you wanting more of the gossip, the drama, and the romance.  With the original Gossip Girl only lasting a short, 6 seasons, it left people hungry for more. Well, The time has come! The new Gossip Girl officially launched on HBO Max! Let’s talk about it.

The Good!

Fans Rejoice! The new Gossip Girl debuted on July 8th, 2021 on HBO Max. This updated version of Gossip Girl will tackle the issues that the new generations face in modern times such as social media presence, and influencer culture. The cast is an all new group of students to the prestigious Constance St. Jude’s School in the Upper East Side of New York. It is a new school year, and roughly 9 years after the mysterious Gossip Girl disappeared, a new one has arisen. This season promises to be 12, hour long episodes of new and exciting Gossip Girl content that is sure to evoke nostalgia in the returning fans, but also catch the attention of some new fans as well.

The Bad!

I hate to break it to you, if you didn’t know already, but the new Gossip Girl reboot is not set to star any of the old cast members, though there are rumors that there will be some of the old cast members making an appearance somewhere around episode 10. It is not all bad news, as the talented Kristen Bell is returning as the Narrator. Even though we spent 6 seasons learning who the mysterious Gossip Girl was, we know from the new series premier who the new Gossip Girl is right away. For some, this has taken a lot of the mystery away from the show. After all, the original Gossip Girl never revealed who it was until the season finale. In the new reboot, it is the teachers who decide in an effort to curb the behavior of their students, to open up an instagram account in the name of Gossip Girl. It is an intriguing concept, but where is the mystery?

The Gossip


Fans of the Gossip Girl Series are buzzing online about the new series. There are mixed reviews with some posts calling it an outright failure. There is a lot of speculation where the story line will hold up to the original, or if it will fall flat after a few episodes. The premiere of the new Gossip Girl was one of the most watched new series on the platform and the new Gossip Girl prompted fans who were on the fence before about HBO Max to subscribe. It would seem that despite all the rumors since the announcement of the reboot, that people are indeed ready for more gossip! If you think you are ready to take on the gossip too, check out the new Gossip Girl reboot that airs new episodes on Thursdays on HBO Max.

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