Let’s Get Ready to Host an Emmy Awards Party 2021 Edition

Emmy Awards

Who, Where, When?

If you are planning on watching the Emmys this year, prepare to laugh. This year’s host is Cedric the Entertainer, and the show will air on September 19th on CBS and Paramount Plus at 5 p.m. PT, and 8 p.m. ET.

No doubt this year’s Emmy Awards will be something you don’t want to miss! This would be the perfect excuse to gather the crew and have an Emmy Night! Let’s get you prepared!!

There is Still Have Plenty of Time!

Let’s not rush this, you still have time to send out those invites. Be sure to Send them early so that everyone can plan ahead. The Emmy Awards aren’t until September, so you have time to get those invitations just right!

Plan the Details

Don’t let the details overwhelm you! You will be Emmy ready in no time. Separate your ‘To Do’ list into sections, and tackle each section. Before you know it, your perfect Emmy Award Party will be planned and underway.

Let’s Talk Food

Every notable party has great food, and the Emmy Awards are no different. Famous foods are served to Celebrities the night of the Emmys. Why not bring a little of the Emmy Awards to you by serving fancy finger foods and sparkling wine. This year the show ‘Top Chef’ was nominated in the category for reality television, and there are thousands of easy recipes you can find online from your favorite reality chef. This will not only feed your guests, but impress them with your cooking skills.

Dress it up

So the invites are sent, the food is planned, and now you have to transform your party space into something worthy of the amazing Emmy Awards Party that you have planned. The Emmy Awards are always an elegant affair. You can bring this to your party more easily than you think. You can set up a photo booth for your guests, and make props for them to use when they capture their photos. Have your other guests mimic that they are paparazzi, and have them all post all their photos under the same hashtag for you all to enjoy later.

Design and give out your own awards to your guests. Best Dressed, Greatest Entrance, Most Award Winning Smile, are some ideas for categories they could win an award for. Your guests will love the memento, and have a great story to tell their friends later.

Take a survey, make a game, or even bet on the different nominees that your guests think will win. This adds that extra level of excitement to the party, and will keep guests guessing who will win all night.

A Night to Remember

The Emmy Awards are about the best in television entertainment, and no matter how the night goes, or who wins, you and your guests will be sure to have fun. Follow these steps to have a great Emmy Awards Party, and celebrate the night away with your favorite friends, and celebrities.

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