Time saving hacks to add more hours to your busy schedule

Save Time

As we find ourselves returning to the office post-pandemic it seems like our lives are only becoming more and more hectic and it feels like we don’t have enough time to find alone time, do the things we love, or finish checking everything off our to-do list. Luckily for you, I’ve put together this blog post to help you find more ways to shave time off of your day to do more of the things you love. After reading this blog post you will be able to take action on these tips and find more time in your life at the end of each week.

Have a strict wake-up time.

I know it probably sounds harsh, but experts have shown that waking up at the same time every day and having the same morning routine is more efficient than waking up at a different time every day of the week. Once you start to do the same routine every day at the same time your days will begin to flow with less stress and unpredictability because you already have a plan and it’s the same every day when you wake up.

Brain Dump Every Morning.

In order to clear your mind of the endless to-do list for the day I recommend to just dump onto a piece of paper everything you need to get done. Once it is all on paper you can then go through and organize it by priority. If carrying around a piece of paper or planner is too much for you then inputting it into your phone on your digital calendar will help you stay organized and have structure throughout your day.

Instead of running errands use an APP or service.

Mobile apps have changed how we interact with the world around us and have also helped so many busy individuals obtain more time in their days. Save time you would spend running to the grocery store by using apps like Instacart to get your groceries delivered to your door at a time that works best for you. They also have an auto-delivery option allowing you to automate your grocery list to be delivered every Sunday to help you stay prepared for the week.

Hire a virtual assistant.

So many busy individuals miss out on opportunities or time in their day to do more of what they want because they don’t delegate everyday mundane tasks. If you need help managing your calendar, scheduling appointments, or someone to tackle your endless inbox then hiring a virtual assistant to help you with these everyday tasks is optimal in order to gain some more time back in your life. Sites such as Fiverr and Upwork are full of individuals who are looking to help busy individuals like you in everyday tasks that they may be much better at managing. Individuals who use a virtual assistant say they have gained close to 15 hours back of their time by delegating tasks.

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